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Welcome to the Cats at Home website's recommended reading.  The following websites include comprehensive information on feline medical conditions, behavior, and medications.  These sites are listed for information only. Feline illnesses cannot be diagnosed via the internet.  If your cat is not well, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Veterinary Partner
Cat Health Topics
Merck Veterinary Manual
Feline Heartworm Disease
Other Sites of Interest
Felix the cat (Animation for your desktop)

Cornell Health Center Instructional Videos


Feline Fun Facts


Ten Subtle Signs of Illness


Toxic Plants


Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy


Feline Behavior: Why Does My Cat Do this?

Recommended  Reading:
The Cat Who Cried For Help  By Dr. Nicolaus Dodman
The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats  By Jeffery M. Masson
The Cat's House  By Bob Walker
The Cats Mind: Understanding Your Cat's Behavior  By Bruce Fogle